Jeroen Deckers

My consultancy, since 2003, is focussed on artists, politicians, other top executives. In my experience they often have something special in common.

They do not always feel comfortable, discussing their doubts with someone out of their professional environment.

What do you need?

How might doubts, uncertainties and conflicts be the best triggers to encourage creativity? How do you make the right interventions doing any good? Depending on the urgency we discover together, I’d love to assist you In your thinking process.

My services

My questions, thinking models, and DIY assignments you take home, support creativity and originality. Thorough thinking unfolds beautifully in repertoire that increases your credibility as an artist, politician or top manager. You can rely on my critical feedback and my discretion and restraint, which I am obliged to do. I also guarantee that you will enjoy the unique self you have. You are welcome at a sanctuary.

An essay as a concrete result

A specific form in which I can actively think along with you is the essay, the written ‘testcase’. I can write impressions concerning your practice through interviews with you, with some out of your network and with people who follow you from a distance. You can keep this essay entirely for yourself, but you can also use this as part of the portfolio you use for acquisition and job application. Some artists pursue a public publication, such as here. My experience with politicians brought me to start with an handout concerning integrity issues with outspoken examples (anonymous, of course). Here¬†you can read an example (dutch).


My knowledge and experience have their origin in a career of about twenty years in public administration. My consultancy started around the turn of the century. I’ve developed myself as an autodidact since 1984 in the world of the arts, design, HRM, communication, social geography, philosophy and humanistics. If you want to know details of my background, I suggest to consult my LinkedIn-profile.


My fees are not carved in stone. We determine these together, in part depending on the budgetary possibilities. I borrowed my ‘payment principles’ from the neighborhood supermarket: if you are not satisfied, I will not charge you. No questions asked.